Playwell Brooklyn isometric illustration of interior space.

Open-play everyday!

We offer modular play spaces that develop creativity, curiosity, and confidence in children of all abilities.

What are your rates for Open Play?

Open Play is $35/hr per child. An additional hour is $26 and an additional half hour is $15. We offer a 10% discount for siblings who book together. Play Packs are $150 for 5 sessions or $260 for 10 sessions. If your pack expires, send us an email at and we can extend the deadline.

Do we have to book ahead of time or can we drop in? 

We welcome drop-ins until we hit capacity. On rainy weekends especially, we recommend booking in advance to secure your spot.

Is it necessary to arrive during our designated time slot?

We kindly request that you arrive within the allocated hour of your booking. Feel free to enjoy the one-hour playtime from the moment you arrive. To simplify matters, as it's challenging for us to monitor individual arrival and departure times, the one-hour play duration operates on the honor system. Your understanding is greatly appreciated. If you wish to extend your playtime, please inform our staff. Thank you!

Can adults swing too?

Yes! Each individual point on our rigging system supports up to 300 pounds. We always encourage parents and caregivers to play!

Do we take shoes off?

Yes! Shoes off for everyone entering the play area. As we know that everyone has different sensory preferences, socks are optional =) If you’d like or need a pair of socks, we can provide them.

Is parking available?

Street parking is often available on 2nd Ave. We are also steps away from the Smith-9th Street G/F, however, this is not a wheelchair accessible station.

How do we access the building?

When you arrive, use the touchscreen dialpad to buzz Playwell Reception (218). After we buzz you in, take the elevator to the 2nd Floor and there will be a directory map when you exit the elevator.

I can no longer attend my scheduled booking. Can I reschedule?

Yes! Give us a call or email and we can happily reschedule your booking right away or apply a credit to reschedule on a later date.

I believe my child could benefit from occupational therapy/speech/PT. How can I arrange an evaluation?

Playwell doesn’t offer therapy services directly. However, independent therapists rent our space to work with clients. If you're interested in therapist availability, please get in touch with and we’ll gladly assist you in connecting with the appropriate providers. Visit this page if you have more questions about therapy services.